What Contestants Do To Each Other On This Japanese Game Show Is Seriously Gross

Most cultural stereotypes fall flat when they”re brought into the real world. However, one stereotype consistently proves to be nearly 100% true: all Japanese game shows are crazy. In fact, some might call them downright insane, at least compared to their counterparts in the United States.

If you”re looking for proof of this, look no further. Below is a 12-second clip from a Japanese game show called AKBingo! The two women in the video are embroiled in a very odd (and disgusting) competition involving a dead cockroach. It truly has to be seen to be believed.

(via Buzzfeed)

In case you”re a little confused, both women are trying to blow a dead cockroach into the other”s mouth. I”d love to see them try this on American TV, though something tells me the FCC would have a field day.

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