What A Jerk Cat Does In Response To His Owner Is Perfect And Absolutely Hysterical

Cats are warm, cuddly, fuzzy balls of joy. And, they can be real jerks.

Not known for being super obedient, this cat takes it to a new level by actually looking right at his owners before begins casually tossing things from their coffee table. It”s pure evil and hilarious at the same time.

“Huh? What? You don”t want me to knock this over?”

"Huh? What? You <em>don

“Are…are you sure? Okay, I”l just rest my paw on it.”

"Are...are you sure? Okay, I


Check out the whole hysterical clip…

(via Jennifer Morales)

He would be in such big trouble if we could just stop laughing long enough to do anything about it.