We All Like To Share Food With Our Furry Friends…But Read These Rules First!

Summer is the season of fresh, delicious fruit! When you”re outside snacking on a bowl of strawberries or enjoying a lightly salted avocado, you might notice little Fido eyeballing you from the side of your lounge chair. But before you fall victim to his big ol” puppy-dog eyes, you should have a look at these rules.

Find out which of the following 12 fruits are alright to share with your pooch…

1. Bananas: Yes!

Bananas: Yes!

Also, how cute is this?

2. Apples: Go ahead…

Apples: Go ahead...

Just make sure to either core the apple, or cut it into slices. You don”t want your pup eating too many of those seeds.

3. Avocado: No!

Avocado: No!

No guacamole for Felix, sorry! These fruits are full of fats that are good for humans, but can make your pooch vomit.

4. Blueberries: Pick away!

Blueberries: Pick away!

You”ll have to come to terms with the fact that you might not have enough left to make those muffins later, though!

5. Kiwi: No problem!

Kiwi: No problem!

I mean, look at how happy this pug is. LOOK.

6. Lemon: Let “em at it…

Lemon: Let

And enjoy that sour-faced show.

7. Grapes: Don”t do it!

Grapes: Don

While this pup makes for a very cute bunch of grapes, you don”t want to feed the real thing to her, as they can cause kidney failure.

(Same goes for raisins, being dried-up grapes, and all.)

(Same goes for raisins, being dried-up grapes, and all.)

8. Cherries: They”re a no-no!

Cherries: They

While this pup should be okay with just one cherry, large quantities can cause cyanide poisoning, so don”t let your best friend into your bushel!

9. Peaches: Peachy!

Peaches: Peachy!

Just as long as they don”t eat the pit, which can cause intestinal blockage.

10. Pineapple: Go for it.

Pineapple: Go for it.

These two are so patient, waiting their turn for this tangy fruit.

11. Strawberries: A-OK.

Strawberries: A-OK.

Just don”t dip them in chocolate!

12. Watermelon: No problem.

Watermelon: No problem.

Not to mention how freaking adorable this little nugget is enjoying this juicy fruit.

(source BarkPost)

There you have it! Now you can enjoy summertime snacking with your pooch without worry. Take in that vitamin D together, and remember to stay hydrated!

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