Watching A Human Say Goodbye To His Best Friend Will Leave You In A Lake Of Tears

One of the saddest things a pet owner could possibly go through is making the difficult decision to put a very sick companion down. A pet can change a person”s whole outlook on life, and that”s what Oden did for Jason Wood. This pup, who had a tough battle with cancer, showed Wood that it was alright to be a softie sometimes – that it”s alright to show his feelings.

So he shared the story of his journey to the end with his pup, and it”s the saddest, most heart-wrenching thing to watch. It”s also incredibly touching to see such a strong bond between man and canine.

(source YouTube)

It”s so sad, but Oden was very sick and in a lot of pain. He lived a full life with his loving owner, and I”m happy to have known their story.