Watching A Determined Squirrel Struggle With His Snack Had Me Laughing So Hard

Getting your vegetables in can be tough enough as it is. While they”re really, really good for you, they”re not everyone”s favorite thing to munch on. Why do you think ranch dressing was invented if not for the sole purpose of drenching celery in creamy goodness?

But for others, vegetables are the yummiest things on the planet, and nothing is more appetizing than rows and rows of fresh, colorful produce at the grocery store. When those misters turn on, it”s like you”re in a leafy, green dream.

This little squirrel falls into the latter category, but he has a whole different kind of problem: his little cherry tomato is too fresh and shiny to keep ahold of!

Watching him try to indulge in his healthy snack is priceless.

(via necoco325)

While I could have watched this for the next 20 minutes straight, I”m glad he finally made it to the finish line!