Watch As This Incredible, Gentle Giant Meets Her Baby For The First Time, Aww

Last week, the Copenhagen Zoo welcomed a new bundle of joy to their ranks. After a 35-year-long baby rhino drought, a new calf was born! The little guy weighed in at just over 110 pounds, and is as healthy as can be.

Rhinos are on the list of animals in danger of extinction, so each and every rhino birth is significant. They”re poached for their horns, which are worth more than gold in certain markets.

Watch the amazing birth and the baby”s first steps (with a little help from momma)…

What an adorable duo!

What an adorable duo!

(source The Guardian)

What a cutie! It won”t be long before he”s all grown up, weighing up to 5,500 pounds. By that point, I think I”ll be at least slightly less inclined to snuggle him.