Watch As This Amazing Hero Cat Scares Away A Giant Black Bear

People love their cats. Oh boy, if you know someone who has a cat, chances are they won”t stop talking about it. Usually there”s nothing too extraordinary about our feline friends — they kind of sit around, lie around, and walk around. But sometimes they possess extreme powers. I”m not joking. This isn”t your run-of-the-mill cat story that Debra from your office tells you every day.

A black bear was climbing up the stairs to do who knows what to this family”s house, when all of a sudden, this hero cat came in to save the day…

(source wagswayz)

Woo, watching that cat go one-on-one with a black bear makes me pretty confident that I could scare one. I hope that I never have to test that theory because I most likely will get eaten, but it makes me believe! Good thing I live in a city where bears only exist in zoos.

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