Watch As One Man Teaches His Class About Physics The HARD Way – Ouch

Despite involving a lot of boring formulas and calculations, physics class was always fun for me because it involved in-class demonstrations. For a guy prone to daydreaming, this kept me attentive because I could actually see the science at work.

But recently, a physics teacher decided to perform an experiment that the class wished they hadn”t seen. It”s unclear what exactly the teacher was trying to demonstrate, but it ended badly.

The experiment involved a student lying on the floor with a cinder block on his chest and an axe swinging close to his crotch…so you can hypothesize how this was going to go.

(via Live Ok)

Luckily, Professor Bunyan was using the blunt end of his axe, or this could have been a much more gruesome demonstration of kinetic energy. Why a kid had to hold the cinder block on his chest in lieu of it being placed on another cinder block is beyond me, but this is definitely one way to keep kids interested in your lecture.