ViSalus Cares About You… And The World! Here Are All The Incredible Things They’ve Been Up To

On The Personal Level

On The Personal Level

This is a company with this extremely noble intent, if I do say so myself, and they’re all about fighting obesity head on and realistically.

The idea at the core of ViSalus is to tap into is that the first ten pounds are the hardest to lose, but shedding that is the biggest threshold to cross. In those ten pounds lost, habits are formed, and in the words of ViSalus “no one has ever lost 100 lbs. without losing the first 10.”

So how does ViSalus go about helping you help yourself?

It’s simple. Controlling what goes in your body is not only half the battle, it’s the battle. And ViSalus is all about giving you the weapons you need to win the day. By providing a platform of healthy drinks, meals, and snacks, you can not only regulate the type of nutrients your body ingesting, you can also monitor your calorie intake as well.

Bottom line? You’re going to want to take a look at some of their products that might be the next step towards a healthier you. But that’s not the only thing they’re doing to help the world they’ve been putting an amazing amount of effort into some incredible causes:

Setting World Records

Setting World Records

ViSalus is all about keeping those New Year’s goals. Speaking of: how’s your resolution coming? We’re about half way through the year… so, good we hope — and ViSalus hopes too!

At the beginning of the year, the company organized the largest group workout on the planet in honor of keeping healthy and keeping those healthy promises to yourself. Here’s what happened:

On Saturday, January 3, 2015, a documented 15,180 participants took part in 2,180 Challenge Groups across 11 countries mobilized to be part of this record-breaking event. This raised awareness for ViSalus’ global mission of transforming Life, Health and Prosperity and culminated in 455,440 meals to children through the company’s PROJECT 10 Kids charity program.

That’s a lot of meals for deserving kids!

So who took part in this? People of all ages and sizes! The workouts spanned the United States, Canada, and a bunch of European countries! They all participated in active activities, like walking, hiking, dancing, boot camps, running, etc. You name it and people were doing it — together! The idea is that anyone can do healthy things, regardless of who they are and where they are!

Here’s what co-founder Blake Mullen had to say about it:

Having helped over 3 million people lose weight on our Challenge platform, we’ve learned that people will focus on transforming their physical health if they’re motivated, supported and having fun. That’s why we innovated the Challenge Groups concept. And in traditional Vi fashion, we like to go big, so we challenged ourselves to launch it in a way that made a splash.


Partnership With Boys & Girls Clubs Of America

Partnership With Boys & Girls Clubs Of America

Just last month, ViSalus announced a brand new partnership with the Boys And Girls Club of America! This is an exciting new step for ViSalus’s Project 10 Kids charitable giving program (which donates meals every time a participant loses 10lbs, in addition to bigger events) — and the goal couldn’t be better.

They want to reach 4 billion hours of physical activity and 500 million meals/snacks served by 2018!

Project 10K itself is a walk/run that supports healthy living and weight loss, organized on the same day (this year it was April 18th) across the globe. If a participant chose to donate the optional $24, that came out to 30 meals for kids around the world — and let’s be honest, a lot of people can afford to spare that amount and skip the movies once during the month, right??

Vi then MATCHED each donated meal for DOUBLE the impact!

Add this to what Vi accomplished during the record breaking event in January with the 65,000+ meals/snacks they donated through Project 10 back in November, and you’ve got a big impact on the world of hungry children.

Remember The Bracket Kid Who Got Denied The ESPN Prize Because He Was Too Young?


Sam Houltz is a 12-year-old from the Greater Chicago Area. He’s a 12 year old that destroyed everyone else who entered the ESPN bracket challenge. Even though his name was entered to win the grand prize — a trip for two to the 2015 Maui Jim Maui Invitational tournament, plus a $20,000 Best Buy gift card — he couldn’t legally win if his name was drawn because he’s younger than 18.

Even though he had his dad’s consent to enter!

ViSalus thought that was a raw deal… and it was… so the three co-founders of the company — Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola, and Blake Mallen — decided to give Sam the $20k in the form of a scholarship for school!

They all reached out to him PERSONALLY to try and make it happen!

See his thank you video (above)!

Oh — And Don’t Forget!

If you want more information on the healthy-living company and all their endeavors, business or otherwise, make sure you hit up, and @ViSalus on Twitter!