Villagers Wanted To Slaughter These Lost Elephants, But Then These People Stepped In

Elephants are some of the most unique creatures in the wild. They weigh a ton, are one of the only animals with a prehensile trunk, and are generally smarter than most animals. So when an elephant is in danger, people are usually always ready to help the noble creature.

Recently in a small African village, a lost herd of elephants began wandering around, smashing crops, and causing a ton of damage to the essential needs of the community. Before disaster struck on a grand scale, members of the International Fund for Animal Welfare stepped in and helped rescue the confused elephants.

(via National Geographic)

This is such a touching story of a community coming together to do something positive for their environment. Not only did this help the elephants, it helped the villagers as well. It”s refreshing that no one had to resort to violence to solve this issue.