Topps Announces Will Ferrell Baseball Trading Cards

Topps Trading Cards, you really out-did yourself this time.

Two months after Will Ferrell embarked upon a whirlwind tour of crashing Major League Baseball training camps in full gear, the company announced that they will soon release a special set of collectable Will Ferrell baseball cards.

The company announced on their Instagram that you will soon be able to find 10 different cardswith a select few actually autographed by the man himself included in the Topps Archivesstarting on June 10th. ESPN’s Darren Rovell says there will be 10 autographed cards from the 10 teams Ferrell played for inserted into packs, Willy-Wonka-golden ticket-style.

I just want to take a moment to marvel at how awesome these look.This is seriously one of my favorite things to happen in baseball in some time.

Look at those stats (220-ish!)!

That’s not to say this is all just for fun and games. Ferrell originally conceived the stunt of crashing training Spring Training camps in Arizona as part of an HBO special that is expected to raise 1 million dollars in scholarships for cancer survivors.

And while the baseball nerd inside of me is happy, I still won’t rest until Star Line revives their Saturday Night Live trading card collection (they really made those). Until then, I guess these will have to do!