Time Lapse Video Shows Puppy Aging From 2 Months Old To 3 Years Old In A Flash

If you own a puppy, you know how fast they can grow. However, they definitely don”t grow from puppy to adult in a mere 23 seconds.

In this cute video, Sophia the Rhodesian Ridgeback goes from being an adorable puppy into a much larger adorable puppy. The time-lapse video by Greg Coffin captures Sophia”s growth from 2 months to 3 years in 23 seconds.

The most challenging part of the video”s production was getting Sophia to sit still every day for her daily picture. This was a task Coffin delegated to his girlfriend, Amanda. As you can see from the outtakes at the end of the video, it wasn”t always an easy task.

(Source: Greg Coffin)

I just love the pictures at the end. I knew it would be hard to pose a dog like that every day. Greg and Amanda certainly had their work cut out for them.