This Tired Baby Seal Needed A Rest, Where He Took A Break Is Incredible

When out on the water, it”s usually best to keep your distance from the wildlife that swims underneath you. While some of the critters might be adorable and tempting to snuggle with, they can still harm you. But, there are exceptions to every rule, which is the case for this very rare occurrence. A baby seal was tired enough to hop aboard a private boat off the coast of Newport Beach, California. He was uncharacteristically trusting of the captain, James Gilkinson, and ended up snuggling with him for an entire hour. Everyone on the boat was shocked at how comfortable the little guy was around the people – watch the amazing footage for yourself:

(source YouTube)

He was just so happy to be able to take a break from all of that swimming! One thing”s for sure, the captain will never forget this day and the great new friend her made. That must have been one tough goodbye.

Talk about a story to tell the grandchildren!