This Tiny Apartment Looks Empty At First, But What’s Inside Is Truly Amazing

When Christian Schallert bought his apartment, his mother was appalled. You have to climb 100 steps just to get to the apartment. When Christian moved in, there was an old mattress sitting on the floor, left behind. The apartment had no ceiling, old paint, and needed to be completely redone. To top it all off, the apartment is only 258 square-feet. But Schallert knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.

Upon first glance, the remodeled apartment looks completely empty. But, when he starts opening the cabinets hidden in the walls, it becomes clear that the Barcelona apartment has all the amenities needed – and more. Check out the video below to see the awesome tiny apartment.

(source YouTube)

“It”s like LEGOs for adults,” Christian”s friend says. “If you want a table, you build it. You want at bed? You build it.”

Tiny apartments like this make me really reconsider how much space I need. Would you want to live in this tiny but amazing apartment?