This Teeny Tiny Ticklish Puppy Is Bound To Cure Your Winter Blues

You know that feeling of being tickled so much you either can”t breathe or feel like you”re going to pee your pants? Yeah, we”ve all been there. And while our pets often have a spot on their backs or tummies where they can”t get enough scratches, this little guy is on his own level. You”d be hard-pressed to find any pup who enjoys a giggle-fit as much as he does.

The cutie pie can”t get enough of the scratchy tickles and we can”t get enough of his adorable little laugh! His sweet smile is sure to put one on your face, too.

(source YouTube)

I think I”ll bookmark this to watch any time I”m feeling blue. The little guy”s infectious joy is the perfect cure for any sad thoughts you”re harboring.