This ‘Shark’ Attack Is Sure To Leave You In Stitches…Shows Her!

The fear of a shark attack is a completely warranted concern. I, for one, won’t go into murky ocean waters above my waist, and even so…who’s to say a quick and nimble little guy won’t swim up into the shallows and mistake me for a snack? …Not to frighten anyone, or anything…

But when this woman dressed her pup up as a shark for some poolside fun…she got what was coming to her!

He’s a vicious dog-shark!


I’ve never seen a shark attack that starts on land before.

I've never seen a shark attack that starts <em>on</em> land before.

This guy really got into character once that fin was strapped to his back. Shia LaBeouf, step aside as the world’s craziest method actor…this pooch might have you beat!