This Pup’s Amazing Transformation Will Leave Tears In Your Eyes

Penelope was so close to death that it hurts to look at pictures of her from when she was rescued in Los Angeles. The scars all over her body make you cringe, and the sadness in her eyes just breaks your heart into a million pieces. She was so weak that she couldn”t even hold up the weight of her own head. She barely had any fur left on her body, and it was almost impossible to identify her as the beautiful shepherd mix that she had the potential to be.

After a lot of food, rest, warm blankets, loving care, and medical treatment, Penelope turned into a whole different creature. It”s amazing what a second chance at life can look like – thank goodness Penelope got that shot! Now, she”s up for adoption with the support of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. Founded in the memory of Jason Heigl, who passed after a tragic car accident, his legacy of compassion and love for all animals lives on.

Watch Penelope”s story unfold here.

(source YouTube)

She is absolutely too cute – and more importantly, happy and healthy! Check out her adoption page if you want to be the lucky person to take her home and show her unending love!