This Price Is Right Model Just Did Something That No One Will Ever Forget

We all make mistakes. However, our mistakes don”t usually result in giving someone a free car.

This is exactly what happened when Manuela Arbelaez, a model on The Price is Right, accidentally revealed a correct answer to one of the show”s contestants. The goof brought poor Manuela to tears due to embarrassment, and sent host Drew Carey into a fit of laughter.

Manuela was clearly mortified at her accident. Regardless, Drew was quick to tell her it was okay, and she had just gifted the lucky contestant with a free car. What an outcome!

(source The Price Is Right)

After the show, the 26-year-old model explained in an interview that she lost her train of thought when she exposed the correct answer. Her lack of focus ended up costing the show $21,960.

“It was a brain fart,” said Arbelaez. “My body took over and reacted before my brain had a chance to stop it…I was in tears. I thought, “Well, this is it.” I asked the producers, “Am I going to be fired?” Drew and them started laughing and told me of course I wouldn”t be fired.”

The lucky contestant gets to keep the new car, and will forever be remembered as “the person who won the free car by accident on The Price Is Right.” Talk about mistakes working in someone”s favor!