This Poor Pit Bull Suffered Extreme Cruelty, And It’s Written All Over Her Face

This sweet pit bull is used to getting some pretty strange looks when she walks down the street, but that doesn’t stop her from finally enjoying her life. After what she’s been through, she deserves it.

Stephanie Paquin and her husband found the poor girl, now going by Khaleesi, while visiting Orlando, FL, during a trip to the local shelter. Paquin runs a nonprofit rescue organization and knew she couldn’t leave without the dog.

Khaleesi is missing her nose, nostrils, and sinus cavity, and has no use of her back legs.

They aren’t sure how the horrific abuse occurred, but they are determined to help her.

The thought that someone could inflict this much pain on such an innocent face is baffling.

But Khaleesi hasn’t let it break her spirit one bit.

She’s still incredibly playful.

They’ve taken her to see several specialists who gave them good news about procedures to fix both her nose and back legs.

Hopefully, soon enough, she’ll be running around with friends at the dog park!

(via Huffington Post)

It’s amazing how she can still have so much love in her heart after everything the poor pup has been through, but this girl is on her way to a happy, healthy life.

Of course, all of her procedures obviously won’t come cheap. You can donate here to help with her medical expenses and stay up to date on her progress over on the Passion 4 Pits Rescue page.