This Poor, Neglected Dog Should’ve Died…But Instead, I Was In Tears Of Joy

Meet Billy, an adorable dog who was left for dead and came back to life thanks to some amazing workers in Greece. When Billy was brought in, he was found to have almost every medical ailment a dog could have, including scabies and mange. The poor pup was also suffering from acute starvation. Looking at him in his early days is tough (we”re warning you), but Billy somehow pulled through. Watch his incredible transformation from a walking skeleton to a healthy, playful pup.

(via YouTube/Orphan Gr)

Today, Billy is miles from where he was found, and is enjoying his new chance at life thanks to the Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union in Greece. The organization works to rescue injured, abused, and homeless animals from their area. You can learn more about the rescuers on their Facebook page.