This Pit Bull’s Act Of Kindness Will Change How You See The Entire Breed

Once again, a loving pit bull proves that the breed is not anything like the stereotype that envelopes it.

When a deer got caught in a fence, Gotti the pit bull rushed to its side, trying to calm it down a bit before alerting his humans of the trouble. Once some people came to help, Gotti never left the frightened deer”s side, covering it in puppy kisses and snuggling up with the wild animal.

Even after the deer was freed it didn”t seem to want to leave the yard. For the good of the fawn, though, animal control was called to relocate it to a much safer area, where she wouldn”t get into any more trouble.

Watch the caring pup in action here:

(via Life With Dogs)

Such a loving shower of kisses! This just goes to show that the breed is only aggressive when provoked to be so through mistreatment by humans. This pup has nothing to give but pure love.

Good job, Gotti!