This New Trend Attempts To Make Baby Dolls Look As Realistic As Possible

Inarguably, the creepiest dolls are the ones that toe the line between real and plastic. As someone who is insanely afraid of these things, I find the trend of Reborn dolls to be my personal version of Hell.

The hobby involves taking manufactured vinyl dolls and using paint and other materials to make the dolls look as real as possible! Not only that, but oftentimes, the adults who purchase these dolls (the price is usually as ungodly as the process itself) will pretend as though the dolls are their own children. It’s like the darkest Toy Story sequel of all.

The trend started around 1999, which is when doll enthusiasts decided that dolls weren’t “real” enough.

“Doll enthusiast” might be the scariest combination of words in the English language.

The process involves buying a manufactured doll and adding several layers of paint and hair to make it look like a real human baby.

Hobbyists can also buy what’s known as a “newborning kit,” which includes doll parts and supplies for creating custom baby creations.

Reborn dolls can be purchased on sites like and at Reborn fairs all over the country. Prices range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

Some collectors use the dolls to replace children they’ve lost, or kids who have grown up and moved out. Some critics argue that this may be harmful to the grieving process.

There’s also a stranger trend on the Reborn scene that involves transforming dolls into lifelike baby animals.

It is getting out of hand.

The dolls do look insanely lifelike. There’s been a number of cases of police breaking into parked cars after civilians report what looks like a real child locked inside. “Sorry officer! I admittedly spent $400 to trick you into thinking that this doll was a real child, but I’m sorry.”