This Melted Crayon Art Looks Ugly At First, But You’ll Want The Finished Product

When was the last time you got crazy with crayons? Most people think that crayons are just for kids, but they actually hold a ton of creative potential, whether you”re using them to draw, melting them down to make candles, or carving them into tiny sculptures. If you have some extra crayons hanging around and want to turn them into something gorgeous and original, it”s time to pull out the hot glue gun. By feeding crayons through it, you can make colorful melted art that”s endlessly customizable.

Check out the video below to get the creative juices flowing.

(source turtlewings)

I”ve seen a lot of art made from melted crayons before, but I never thought of doing this! It looks kind of disgusting in the beginning, but the finished product is beautiful. I”m definitely going to try my hand at this.