This Medical Video Makes Limb-Lengthening Procedures Look Incredibly Painful

When we hear the unfortunate news that we have to go undergo a medical procedure, we don’t often think about what is actually happening while we’re under the knife. For example, if you’re having your tonsils removed, you don’t typically think about the doctor slicing your throat open to remove a diseased organ.

The same goes for limb-lengthening procedures. If you’re about to go through one of those, it’s probably best not to think about how doctors are about to cut open your joints, break your bones, and then slowly stretch your broken limbs over the course of several months. You also should avoid virtual demonstrations of the procedure…like this one, for example.


(via Reddit)

Now my knees hurt. While the initial procedure can be completed in a day, the entire lengthening process can take months. During that time, the patient is in quite a bit of pain, and also has to relearn how to walk at the end of it. I don’t think I’d be up for any of that.