This Mans Chalk Art Is Making This City An Even Better Place To Live.

Ann Arbor, Michigan hasn”t been the same since artist David Zinn began decorating its streets with his chalk art. You can see little green aliens, flying pigs, and other quirky characters throughout the city. Zinn”s creations are sure to bring joy to your day, or at least cause you to examine the sidewalk more often. Zinn”s work is nothing short of awesome, and it”s just the thing every city could use to bring some joy to its citizens. Take a look!

(via David Zinn, H/T Colossal)

So awesome! I”m not sure if David Zinn”s chalk art convinced me to drop everything and move to Ann Arbor, but I”d be lying if I said I didn”t consider it. I guess I”ll have to settle for following him on Facebook and ordering his book. If I still didn”t get my fill after that, then it”s off to Michigan I go.