This Magical Floating Beverage Cooler Can Be Made At Home For Pennies

There”s nothing better to do in the summer than chill in the pool with your pals and some snacks. But of course, with the sun and the heat, you”re going to need some beverages. Unfortunately, this requires hefting a giant cooler out to the poolside and hauling yourself all the way to the edge when you want a cold one. What”s a summertime lounger to do?

Luckily, a user at Instructables came up with this genius way to create a floating beverage container that you can make for yourself very easily — and cheaply. It”s the ultimate cure for your summertime blues.

What You”ll Need:

What You

One large(ish) plastic container. This may vary depending on the size and thirst of your pool party.

One pool noodle, which will be cut into four sections. More on this later. Also, make sure you”re getting one that”s hollow in the center.

Rope. Preferably, you want some nylon rope that can withstand the water.

What You”ll Do:

What You

Cut the pool noodle into two short and two long pieces. They should be a little smaller than the sides of the plastic container.

Take your rope and thread it through the noodle pieces. Form a rectangle like this and tie off.

Now fit the noodly life jacket around the plastic container, fill it with ice and your favorite beverages, and head to the pool!

The other cool thing about this is that aside from the pool noodle, everything here can be reused. If you need the container for something else later, just pop it out of the noodle ring and you”re good to go.

For the summer, though, let”s enjoy it as a cheap, easy, floating cooler full of your favorite summer drinks. If you”re not the drinking type, this is also a great way to keep smaller pool toys organized and easy to grab at the end of pool time.

Refreshing beverages, right there when you need them.

Refreshing beverages, right there when you need them.

The container, noodle, and ice are all buoyant, so they”ll be more than enough to support the weight of the bottles and cans.

The noodles also act as bumpers, so anything in a glass bottle won”t break if the container lands against the side of the pool.

You can also use the rope as a leash and pull the container to you if you”re in need of a drink right now.

Sweet, convenient refreshment!

Sweet, convenient refreshment!

We advise using this nifty craft only in private pools and definitely not in an open body of water unless you have some kind of anchor rigged up. As always, clean up your empties in a responsible way, and be careful handling glass bottles with wet hands.

Happy drinking!