This Looks Like An Average Cake, But Wait Until You See What It’s Made Of

Summer barbecues and parties are filled with fun. Imagine kids jumping through sprinklers! Think of playing games in the park with your family and friends. Now think of doing that with a belly filled with heavy cake. Kind of ruins the fantasy, right?

For your next warm get-together, bring a unique and healthy dessert that won”t keep your guests from enjoying the nice weather. Watch the video below and learn how to make a cake out of summer”s staple party fruit — the watermelon. Not only does this “cake” taste great, it looks beautiful too!

(source HowToMakeCakeVideos)

I never thought of making a fruit into its own cake — genius! I think I”ll try this with Cool Whip instead of whipped icing for an even healthier version, though.

Will you try this recipe this summer?

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