This Looks Like A Disgusting, Oily Mess, But It’s Actually A Cool Summer Trick

As children, we were forced to wear sunblock. It was sticky and meant that we had to wait those crucial extra few minutes before we could run full-speed into the water.

As teens, we avoided sunscreen in an effort to achieve that beautiful, bronze summer glow. (More often than not, it was more like a red tinge that never turned golden.)

As adults, odds are we”ve learned our lesson and now know that sunblock is a beautiful thing, protecting our skin from sun damage and helping us maintain a youthful appearance.

There”s just one problem: it doesn”t come cheap. So stop wasting your hard-earned money on pricey brand names and instead make it at home with just a few ingredients!

(source POPSUGAR Beauty)

I”m definitely making this for the summer. Not only can you customize each bottle to make it look cool for the beach, but you can also personalize your SPF level — I”ll probably make a jar of 20 and 40.

No more painful burns for me!

There are plenty more summer hacks where that came from…