This Kid Just Learned The Most Valuable Lesson In The World…In A Hilarious Way!

This is a very scary story and it should be understood that every preventative step should be taken on a parents behalf in order to prevent this from happening. With that being said, thanks to an incredible luck and a barber’s talent, this kid has shaved all of his hair off and has reached out to their parents for an apology.

What might’ve happened is much worse and we are glad that this story took a positive turn near the end of it. Again, please make sure that your kids do not have access to potentially harmful items.

He felt very sad and did an apologetic twirl of shame and he said that he will never do this again Lesson learned, he is lucky that he did not hurt himself worse. He does have a funny balding hairstyle now and still looks very cute.
Babies are just funny and should be kept out of harm’s way at all times.