This Just In: Goats In Pajamas Are A Thing…And It Is Incredible

Baby goats are pretty much the cutest little critters on this planet, and once you put them into onesie pajamas, their cuteness increases tenfold.

Meet pajama-loving goats Winifred and Monty. The three-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat siblings aren”t huge fans of the rain, so on one particularly damp day, the pair took to the barn for cover. Even though they were decked out in their grooviest bedtime gear, they were far too jazzed up to hit the hay (in the sleeping sense, anyway).

(source Sunflower Farm Creamery)

I now feel like my life can be divided into two parts: the part before I knew about these baby goats in pajamas, and the part after. I”m really loving the latter.

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