This Is What It’s Like To Going Home For Thanksgiving As An Adult

Going home for the holidays is a joy for many people. You can see your family, catch up with those you hold dear, and eat some awesome food. As an adult, though, your holiday is much different than how it was as a kid. The next time you go home for the holidays, watch out for this common experience as an adult:

1. Your mom will scream at you.

Your mom will scream at you.

No matter how careful you are, this will happen. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is stressful. So, when your mom (or dad) freaks out, just smile and be supportive.

2. You”ll remember that someone in your family is racist.


You always seem to forget that one of your family members has some very negative opinions about a certain group of people and then WHAM, you remember it”s Uncle George. It”s always your Uncle George. How did you remember? Well, Uncle George opened his mouth.

3. Someone will mention genocide.

Someone will mention genocide.

Your most outspokenly liberal cousin will most likely mention the dubious origins of the Thanksgiving holiday, depressing everyone at the table. They think that, during this time of thanksgiving, we need to be reminded that the early settlers of this country weren”t the greatest of humans.

4. There will be a shouting match about something.

There will be a shouting match about something.

Usually that thing is politics. There will be a divided line amongst the table, there will be a lot of provocation, and then the yelling will begin. Something like “So what do you think of Obama now?” will get the conversation started and it will all go off the rails from there. Unless you are in the Obama family, someone will have a differing opinion about the President.

5. You”ll watch a football game.


There will be a variety of football games on the television but most likely, your team won”t be playing. But, never fear! It”ll still be a good distraction from all of the conversations you”re not interested in.

6. Someone will interrupt the football game to watch Charlie Brown.

Someone will interrupt the football game to watch Charlie Brown.

You”ll just be getting into the football game, when suddenly, an aunt will burst into the room declaring football to be “boring.” Then, she”ll forcibly jam the VHS of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving into the VCR. Not cool.

7. You will fall asleep.

You will fall asleep.

Something about the warmness and the stuffedness you will experience on Thanksgiving will put you right to sleep. The football game won”t entertain you enough and you have been up since very early in the morning helping your mom cook, so it”s about time to catch some Zs.

When you”re enjoying Thanksgiving this year, use this as a checklist. Once you”ve checked off everything, consider yourself a winner. You just became an adult at Thanksgiving!