This Is What Happens When You Try To Make Your Bed (But Have A Pet)

Sometimes our pets can make our boring chores easier with their adorable assistance…and then there are these cats.

The cuties go by the names Cole and Marmalade and they are a little less than helpful when their owner decides to make the bed. Sure, they could move to the safety of a nearby chair or other area of the house while they wait, but where”s the fun in that?

“Silly human, you missed a spot. And another one. And another one.”


“Ah, thank you brother!”

“Now, let us sit in judgement.”

Watch all the adorable hilariousness here:

(source Cole and Marmalade)

Sure, they might make the whole task take twice as long as it should be, but who cares when the reason is this cute. You can check out more of the duo”s adorable adventures over on their YouTube page.