This Is The Number One Reason Why You Don’t Give The Gardening Hose To Your Dog

For some, the garden hose musters up thoughts of lazy afternoons watering the plants. For others, though, myself included, it brings back fond memories of running wild and jumping through a sprinkler or spraying friends and siblings on a hot summer day.

While it might not have occurred to you at the time (and why should it have), did you ever try giving the hose to your pup? Because, if you”re trying to stay dry…

That might not be the best idea!

That might not be the best idea!

It”s too funny!

Maybe one day he”ll be like these firefighting pooches…

Maybe one day he

(source AFV Animals)

Yep…definitely not the best idea to let the dog have a go with watering the roses, unless you intend on getting watered, too!

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