This Is Probably What Your Pup Does When You Leave The House

Man”s best friend: it”s a phrase everyone knows and stands by. Dogs are the best, and many people don”t know what they would even do without their canine companion. Who would sit under the table at dinnertime waiting for a scrap of your BBQ? Who would snuggle up by the fire with you and drool all over the pillow while you dig into that book? Life without your pup seems pointless.

Well, your dog probably feels the same way about you – perhaps to an even more extreme extent. When you leave the house, he might not understand that you”ll be back soon.

One puppy parent was curious what his dog did while he was away, so he rigged him up with a GoPro. Watch what happens when his dad leaves the house for a little while, it”ll have you reaching for the Kleenex.

(source YouTube)

So sad! I want to give that pup a hug and tell him it”ll all be A-Ok.

(source YouTube)

If you think that your pup might be experiencing similar separation anxiety, the best thing to do would be to get him some help. There”s no need for a dog to go through such trauma each and every time you leave the house, so read up about how the ASPCA recommends treating separation anxiety. If those methods don”t work, it”s definitely worth it to call your veterinarian and explore further treatment options for your pup”s anxiety.

Here”s to happier pups!