This Is Guaranteed To Be The Cutest And Funniest Cooking Show You Will Ever See

When it comes to crazy cooking videos, I really thought I had seen them all. This was before I stumbled onto Blue Apron”s official resident dog chef, a Boston Terrier puppy named Panda.

In this adorable video, Chef Panda teaches us how to make spaghetti carbonara so good that your friends will think you”re a master chef. So grab some pasta, eggs, cheese, and of course bacon. It”s time to learn how to make Chef Panda”s delicious carbonara.

(source YouTube)

I need to get a dog. I have a cat, but the only thing he mastered is sleeping all day long, and for some reason he seems to think I”m interested in eating dead bugs and birds. I guess it”s time to send him off to culinary school.