This Incredibly Sweet Reunion Between A Boy And His Cat Will Move You To Tears

One of the worst nightmares a pet owner can endure is when our little critters get themselves lost. They don”t know how dangerous it is out there and while it might seem like a fun game to them, it”s heartbreaking for those waiting for them to find their way home.

More often than not, there”s no happy ending in sight. But that”s exactly what makes stories like this young boy”s even sweeter.

After 12 days without his cat Clyde, Jared is so emotional that he can”t help but shed happy tears when his family surprises him with the reunion. Diagnosed with high-functioning autism, his bond with Clyde is clearly a powerful one. (You might want to grab some tissues for yourself before hitting play…)

(source tparbs)

Thank goodness the cutie was found by someone kind enough to return him to his home where he belongs. Here”s hoping this kitten never strays far from his family again.