This Hilarious Dog Has A Pretty Efficient Manner Of Stopping Herself LOL

When we”re ready to take a break from our daily grind, we humans tend to slowly sink into a comfy couch or skip straight to our bed to unwind under a cozy pile of comforters. Sometimes, though, we don”t even make it that far.

It usually looks something like this.

This peppy pup must have been paying attention to her exhausted owners, because the cutie has developed her own unique and hilarious way of slowing herself down when in need of a time-out.

Instead of gradually letting all her legs come to a pause at once, this gorgeous yellow lab likes to use what British comedian Chris Cohen calls “Super Dog Brakes.”

“Aaaand disengage back legs!”

Watch the whole compilation of hysterical doggy action:

You can”t deny, it”s a super-effective method! You can peep the original clip of the silly pup, whose name is Stella, over on her owner”s YouTube page, and check out more of Cohen”s humorous animal “translations” on his page as well!

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