This High-Speed Video Of A Super-Realistic Portrait Will Leave You Stunned

An artist going by the name Burch Scribbles created this impressive time-lapse video of his colored pencil portrait of Jay Z. Watching anything come together at high speed is fascinating, but Burch”s incredibly detailed work is really a joy to behold. He captures everything with equal attention, from the cityscape in the background to the texture of Jay Z”s skin. Check it out for yourself below.

When asked on Reddit, Burch said that this drawing took 80 hours to complete using Faber Castell colored pencils. He also explained how photorealism like this is achieved. “You need to break the original image down into a grid, then use that grid on your paper,” he said. “This enables you to concentrate on the fine details.”

It turns out that photorealism, or any replication of an image, has a very mathematical element to it. Burch also composed the energetic music you hear playing in the background.

Though this is the only video on his YouTube channel so far, we suggest keeping an eye on Burch. He”ll probably be coming out with fascinating new material soon.