This Guy Is Making One Origami Sculpture Everyday For A Year. They’re Amazing.

Ross Symons is a self proclaimed “paper shaper,” who leads an “origami inspired lifestyle.” Symons” work, as you might imagine, is all about origami. For his latest project, Symons is creating a new, original, origami sculpture everyday for an entire year.

Believe me when I say that these creations are seriously amazing. I wish we could feature them all, but here are out 23 favorite ones. Just wait until you see #15, it”s beautiful and hilarious.

1. Nice looking horse.

Nice looking horse.

2. The great origami pyramid.

The great origami pyramid.

3. A war horse.

A war horse.

4. A western dragon.

A western dragon.

5. Money butterfly.

Money butterfly.

6. Origami ship sailing across the seas.

Origami ship sailing across the seas.

7. Frog time.

Frog time.

8. Origami Drake.

Origami Drake.

9. Origami dromedary camel.

Origami dromedary camel.

10. Rhino.


11. Origami tortoise.

Origami tortoise.

12. Cute origami polar bear.

Cute origami polar bear.

13. Origami Gerenuk

Origami Gerenuk

14. The Instagram logo.

The Instagram logo.

15. The Fighting Irish.

The Fighting Irish.

16. A chicken. Looks delicious.

A chicken. Looks delicious.

17. Origami cat with her toy.

Origami cat with her toy.

18. A bull head.

A bull head.

19. A curious rat.

A curious rat.

20. Mouse.


21. Origami Owl.

Origami Owl.

22. Another cat.

Another cat.

23. Bunny ears.

Bunny ears.

Simply breathtaking. It must taken him a very long time to get this good at paper sculptures. I still wonder though, what exactly is an “origami inspired lifestyle.”

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