This Golden Does The Same Hilarious Thing Every Time Mom Or Dad Comes Home…LOL

I can”t speak for everyone, but when I was younger my parents used to bring me little treats back from vacations or work trips. Even if it was just a little bag of candy, it was fun to get a small present from somewhere far, far away. In retrospect, it might have been a little rude when I”d go directly for the gift, rather than the welcome home hug, but…I have a feeling this pup understands me.

“Yeah, hi, nice to see you.”

“So, um, it”s in the bag then?”

"So, um, it

“Let”s just have a look…”


“It”s gotta be in here somewhere!”


“Perfect, thanks! See you at dinner!”

“P.S. you”re making steaks, right?”

(source Thinknoodles)

Well, I”m sure she gave her dad plenty of kisses before the camera started rolling…?

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