This Girl Recorded Visits With Her Two Very Different Grandmas, And It’s So Cute

There’s no denying that grandmothers are truly special, and if you have two grandmothers who are still in your life, take advantage of that. Any time spent with grandmothers is time that should be cherished. By spending time with both of them, you gain a valuable look into everything that makes up your heritage.

Take this girl’s grandmothers, for example. One is from a traditional Samoan family, and the other hails from New Zealand. The girl filmed two separate visits with her grandmothers, and the resulting video gives us a bit of insight into what life is like from two different perspectives.

two perspectives

For a uni assignment, i had to come up with a creative way of showing my identity journey as a Halfcaste (Samoan/Kiwi) so this is it. In no way am i trying to suggest one culture is better than the other, simply an insight on the different lifestyles of my Samoan nana and European grandma. my love, pride and appreciation for both cultures is tu meke. enjoy xxxx (watch in HD) Music: Six60- Dont forget your roots

Posted by Ioana Hill on Sunday, October 18, 2015

These two cultures couldn’t be any more different, but the love that they share is the same. That is the universal bridge that connects every culture.