This Festive Family Takes Holiday Cards To Incredible New Heights

If you thought your family Christmas card was embarrassing, you might be in for some relief. At the same time, you might be in for some long-lasting jealousy when you see the latest video Christmas card from the Holderness family.

If you followed them, this year”s installment of video madness should come as no surprise. The Raleigh, NC-based family broke onto the YouTube parody scene last Christmas with “Xmas Jammies,” a parody of Will Smith”s “Miami.” They followed up throughout the year with “Baby”s Got Class” for back-to-school time and “All About That Baste” for Thanksgiving.

This year, they decided to go with their own rendition of R.E.M.”s “It”s The End Of The World,” where they cover the milestones their family passed in 2014. They chose the song, according to dad Penn Holderness, “Because it”s fast and it”s crazy. And that”s how we felt this year was for our family.” The video is full of seasonal pajamas, fast lyrics, cutaway scenes and…well, just watch it.

Whether you find this hilarious, adorable, or terrifying, you have to admire the Holderness” dedication to their productions. Maybe they”ll even inspire you to up your Christmas card game for next holiday season.