This Dog Was Feeling Homesick ‘Til An Itty Bitty Human Came To Comfort Him

Having our loved ones watch our furry friends sounds great in theory when planning a vacation. However, we often overlook how sad our pets can get when we”re away, regardless of whoever looks after them. After all, they”re a part of our family, and when the rest of the family leaves, our animal pals are left with a deep sense of sadness.

This is where Jack, the greatest little human, comes in. What he did for Burt the dog when Burt”s parents left the pup behind is beyond moving. Burt may be man”s best friend, but Jack is there for his companion when he needs it most.

(via MrJackFantastic)

The empathetic Jack is the best friend Burt can have during his time of need. I hope his humans get back to see him soon, but I also hope he still keeps in touch with his new best friend. Their bond is something truly special.