This Dog Was Abandoned And Left To Die On The Streets…Luckily They Found Her

It’s unimaginable how many people in the L.A. area must have walked by this dog in dire need of rescue before one anonymous Good Samaritan contacted Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation (GRFF). She was really far gone, and it’s hard to tell exactly how long she was out there, but it was clearly too long. Luckily, the foundation, in collaboration with volunteers and the LAPD, set up a rescue operation as soon as possible.

This is Spirit Golden Heart, named by the anonymous caller.

She only weighed 26 pounds and had maggots in her open wounds, as well as big, full ticks leeching her blood.

This was back on August 1. Since then, she’s received tons of medical care and affection.

The ticks and maggots were meticulously removed from her skin, and she’s been all cleaned up.

Next comes the hard part.

Spirit is incredibly weak, and it’s difficult for her to stand for more than just a short period of time.

She is on a high-protein diet, and her red blood cell count is on the rise…

But she still needs to be carried to go use the potty outside, as she is still suffering from swollen joints and general weakness.

She’s a small girl, as far as pit bulls go…

But her heart and will to live are both big as ever.

Her doctors are still running many tests on her to figure out why her joints are swollen…

So far they can’t seem to find a cause. Her liver is alright and it has nothing to do with the ticks. Hopefully they will find the problem soon so her road to recovery can get a big boost.

In the meantime, all they can do is hope for the very best.

And, of course, keep her on that high-protein, high-love diet she’s on.

(via Bark Post)

Thank goodness for that one kind soul who finally called the right people to get this desperate pup the help she needed. She was so close to death, it’s a miracle she’s still with us today. If you’d like to help cover her vet bills, you’ll only increase her chances of making it out of this ordeal happy and healthy.