This Dog Knows She’s About To Get Her Ears Cleaned…And She’s NOT Happy About It

Despite what Mary Poppins tried to make us believe as kids, there”s no spoonful of sugar to really help the medicine go down. Also, that”s just really unhealthy advice. No matter how many supposedly fruity flavors or sting-free remedies doctors and companies claim to come up with, there is always (ALWAYS) a lingering ick factor…even if it does make you feel better.

This pup knows exactly how we feel every time she”s forced to endure her ear-cleaning routine. Her name is Denver, and she is not shy at all when it comes to sharing her emotions when her owner pulls out the evil bottle of ear medication.

“Fiiiine, but I am NOT going be happy about it.”

See more of the adorable grumpy-pants in the video:

(source foodplot)

Sure, it”s better than feeling terrible all the time, but is it really worth the momentary discomfort? Okay, yeah, probably. Hang in there, Denver.

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