This Curious Cat’s Reaction To Being Snowed In Is A Hysterical Suprirse

Snow days: you either love them or you hate them, there is no in between. You”re either up early in the morning, ready to don all of your warmest clothes so that you can spend as long as possible playing in the fresh powder, OR you”re cursing the weather, wishing for a much more tropical climate. Me? I choose to hibernate.

This kitten is in the get-out-and-play camp, for sure. Watch him as he eagerly tries to scale a 4-foot wall of snow so that he can make it out into the winter wonderland.

That is the stance of one determined kitty!

That is the stance of one determined kitty!

Rudiger”s tale just goes to show you that if at first you don”t succeed, try…




And try again!

And try again!

(source YouTube)

Happy snow day, Rudiger! I hope it was everything you could have ever dreamed and MORE!