This Creepy, Murderous Fox Thinks It’s Hilarious To Eat Innocent Birds

The animal kingdom can be a nasty and brutish place sometimes. By nature, most people tend to avoid seeing what they don”t want to see. However, there are times when our sanitized version of the animal kingdom comes into contact with reality, and it can be pretty brutal. For example, it”s pretty troubling when your domesticated red fox viciously murders a pigeon and then laughs about it.

YouTuber Scharge05″s pet red fox Luna caught a pigeon in mid-air that escaped from its coop. When her owner tried to get her to give up the dead bird, she gave him a creepy, maniacal laugh. You won”t believe how strange it is.

(source: YouTube)

Man, that”s terrifying. While we might all think the noises Luna is making sound evil, her owner doesn”t see it that way. He calls them her, “I”m so happy, but please don”t take this away from me, I love my treasure so much,” noises.

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