This crazy female shark literally bit her man’s head off (VIDEO)

Wow, so this is just crazy. At an aquarium in Seoul South Korea this past Thursday, a 5 year old male black tip shark made the fatal mistake of bumping into his 8 yr old tank mate, a female sand tiger shark, and she got super pissed and decided she was going to make him pay the ultimate price. So she preceded to eat him, whole, over the course of 21 hrs.

That’s right, she literally ate him one bite at a time over the course of 21 hrs because she couldn’t digest him all at once. The staff are calling it a “show of dominance”, although it’s very uncommon to see this type of behavior. The initial attack took place in the evening but it took her 21 hrs bite by bite to finish the job. All that was left the next morning was the tail fin and we know that because patrons could still see the tail sticking out of her mouth.

Interestingly enough, the tail will stay there for up to 5 days but because the shark can’t digest the entire shark that she just ate. Which means that she is going to be regurgitating it up some time in the near future.