This Corgi Was Being A Jerk, But His Buddy Knew Just How To Handle It

Boo the corgi and Indy the lab mix share a home together, yet sometimes, the adorable pair share a little more than Indy intends. That”s because Boo is very direct about which toy he wants, and it”s usually the one Indy is playing with.

Still, Indy has a few genius ways of dealing with Boo”s demanding nature. See for yourself:

You can sort of see towards the end that Boo realizes he”s been shamed by Indy (and in front of his human, no less!). He then resigns to chew on the green toy. As for Indy, these kinds of problem-solving and conflict resolution skills put most humans to shame!

Animals are totally jerks. Can you guess which ones are the worst? Hint: It”s cats. It”s always cats.