This Cat Visited A School So Much That They Let Him Become An Actual Student

Bringing a cat into your home is always a wonderful thing. Unlike dogs, cats mostly take care of themselves (as long as you supply them with food, that is). They’re also incredibly loving creatures who can be just as loyal as their canine counterparts.

Bringing a cat into a school, however, is a different story. Cats aren’t usually allowed to traipse around on school property, but students and teachers at Leland High School in San Jose, California, were more than happy to welcome their furry visitor.

This is Bubba.

Amber Marienthal of San Jose brought Bubba into her home in 2009.

She quickly realized that the cat loved hanging around at the nearby school to get a little affection from the students.

The kids liked Bubba so much that they eventually made him an official student.

He even has his own school ID card!

He also snagged a coveted cover spot on the school’s newsletter.

He’s clearly a model.

Bubba loves keeping an eye on his human friends.

And he sometimes makes his way over to the middle school to see what’s going on!

This cute kitty really loves spending time with his peers.

And they enjoy being with him, too.

This cat has made history as America’s first feline student.

He’s focused and ready to take on that math test!

But all of that learning really tuckers him out.

Bubba goes home from school every day, just like the other students.

And mom is always there to greet him with hugs and snacks!

(via BuzzFeed)

I can say for certain that Bubba is one smart cat! To see even more of his exploits, be sure to visit his Facebook fan page. You won’t regret it.